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Proyecto Esperanza - Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, through the work of our own volunteers who dedicated time and resources, the Paré Foundation has been able to contribute significantly to Proyecto Esperanza of Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi, which aims to reduce illiteracy rates among school aged children by offering extra-curricular classes to children in the third grade. The Paré Foundation's involvement has provided the teacher with some volunteer assistance in the classroom over the past year, as well as ensured that her position is funded through to the end of the second year of the project. With donors' support, we hope to continue our partnership with Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi and help as many children as possible achieve reading fluency.

Paré Foundation volunteer, Michèle, visiting two of the students enrolled in the classes, pictured here with their mother and their teacher.

Richard and Michèle with another student and his father.

A student receives some reading material: a UNICEF document about the Rights of the Child.