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Jim and Nancy Wright Scholars - Malawi 2011-2012

In 2011-2012, the Paré Foundation supported 21 Wright Scholars as they pursued their secondary education. 

12 of our Wright Scholars for 2011-2012

  We invite you to spend a few moments to get to know some of our students:

This is Jacqueline Kumalo - 12 years old - attending Nkhamenya Girls Secondary School in Form 1

Jacqueline lives with her grandmother who sells vegetables such as tomatoes and greens. When she was selected to attend a government boarding school she and her grandmother knew they could not afford it. Instead, they started looking for a place a the local Government community Day Secondary school. The headmaster from her primary school, aware that the community day school in question would not provide a curriculum as enriching as the boarding school, contacted an outreach person for the Paré Foundation.

Elias Silumbu - 14 years old - attending Msongwe Community Day Secondary school- Form 1

Elias' father died when he was very young . His mother supports three other children from deceased relatives. Elias’s mother is supported by her church. He is the eldest and the Paré Foundation was approached by the Church pastor to help support him.

Innocent Kamanga - 12 years old - attending Luwinga Secondary School- Form 1

Innocent is the 7th born of eight children. His mother was a primary school teacher, but due to health reason she had to retire. When she feels strong enough she works part time. It was a great relief to her when the foundation was made aware of her situation and offered to sponsor Innocent.

Emmanuel Phiri now in form 2

When his father died his mother went back to the village. He requested to stay in Mzuzu knowing he would not get a proper education back in the village. He finished up his last year of primary school living on his own and doing odd jobs to feed himself. His primary school principle contacted the foundation when he found out that Emmanuel had been accepted to a government boarding school.

Susan Mzilahowa finished at the top of her class in one of Lilongwe's best schools. She has been supported by the Paré Foundation since the beginning of our program in Malawi and we are very proud of her achievements and dedication to her studies. Last year, she was accepted at university - a great accomplishment and honor for her. Congratulations Susan! Thanks to the generosity of donors the Paré Foundation is able to continue to support Susan as she pursues her education in the hopes of being in a better position one day to give back to her community. 

In March 2012, Susan wrote the following letter to the Paré Foundation:

        "Being at the university has been the dream ever since my childhood. I acknowledge the support of Pare Foundation for making my dreams possible. Not only that, but also     bringing me up from nobody to somebody as my future is now bright.

         Am pursuing bachelors degree of science in environmental health. It is under faculty of applied science. The course runs for four years, so far am in my second year.

         Environmental Health is a very interesting course. Generally, we focus at the health status of people by applying preventive measures rather than curative. Most of the times we work in the hospitals as EH officers however, we can also work in other organisation as long as preventive measures are concerned such as water board; where we look at water             sanitation, food manufacturing industries; to monitor food safety and hygiene, and many others. This makes my course an interesting course as it gives us wide opportunity of  job.

        When I completed my first year, I applied for attachment to the ministry of environmental health in Mzimba north which is located at the northern region of Malawi. Some students were selected and many of them were left, but I was selected among the few. The attachment assisted me to have a depth and wide understanding of the concepts so far acquired in class. It has also lead to a better initiative and execution of ideas in both academics and industrial projects and other dealings.

        During this period, I was oriented in different fields of work where I have gained expertise. The programs I did includes:

  1. Health management information systems HIMS

  2. Integrated disease surveillance and response IDSR, Malaria, vector control

  3. Food safety and hygiene, premises inspection

  4. Health testing g and counseling; HIV Aids, TB

  5. Water and sanitation

  6. Expanded program on immunization EPI, Nutrition

        The program had their own coordinators who are the EH products."