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Jim and Nancy Wright Scholars -Malawi 2013-2014

Students at a glance:

            Secondary School students: 20

                Students in day schools: 15
                    11 in government schools
                    4 in private schools
                Students in boarding schools: 5
                    4 in schools partially funded by the government
                    1 in private boarding school

            University student: 1

Secondary school update:

This year school started at different times for different grades depending on when the results from last year's exams were made public. For those students who started the school year later it will mean that they have fewer weeks to cover the curriculum.  

We continue to provide our day scholars with 20 kg of rice per term. This is to make sure they arrive at school with something in their stomachs. Of course, in times of food shortage, this is being shared with the family.   

This year the backpacks we provided the students cost roughly 18$ on average. They were bought from the second hand market. Typically, students are have a replacement backpack every other year. For more detailed information and cost of what we provide our students, please see the Make a Difference page.

Tuition at boarding schools is partially funded by the Government. Our students are there based on merit; they were selected based on their primary school exams results. This year we have one student in a private boarding school. This is a special case; she contracted malaria last year and it would appear that it affected her brain and she suffered a nervous breakdown. She was kept in hospital for a few months and must now take medication. She was very keen to return to school and we felt that this school would provide the attention she needed to avoid a relapse.

University update:

Susan is finishing her 2nd year of University in December 2013 and will begin her 3rd year in January or February. Her teachers have been on strike a few times in the past months which has pushed her school calendar back..