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The Paré Scholar Program
In partnership with the Haitian Education and Leadership Program (HELP), the Foundation has set up a Paré Scholar Program to support deserving young students in Haiti. Started in 2010, shortly after the earthquake, the Paré scholar program consists of:

• Tuition-free classes at an internationally accredited university

• Textbooks and supplies

• Housing in HELP dorms and a living stipend

• Academic advising and counseling, including computer literacy and English classes

• Leadership & Citizenship training

For more information on HELP Scholarships, click HERE

Santa Noella Cadet has been a Paré scholar since 2013. She is enrolled at Quisqueya University, where she has been studying agronomy, and deserving her place on the Dean’s List. 

She is specializing in environmental management, and among her academic courses are principles of ecology, economics of rural development, animal and plan physiology, and introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Santa Noella participating in the community service portion of her leadership class, where she organized activities and speakers on issues of human rights. (Photo credit: HELP, 2014.)